Merry Wang of Autodesk Research visited the University of Toronto in March 2016. She gave us a look at Autodesk’s Ember 3D Printer, which entered the market in January of 2015. She also brought with her some highly detailed, tiny sample figurines which had been printed on the Ember 3D.

The Ember 3D is an SLA printer that only has a 4×6 inch print bed but boasts high quality resolution and incredible detail. It has an accuracy of 25 microns and a layer thickness of 10-100 microns. The quick printer head calibration and interchangeable resin trays make Ember easy to use. It prints at a rate of 15mm per hour.

Since the Ember is completely open source, owners can tinker with the hardware and software to their heart’s content. Autodesk is releasing the technical specifications of the printer’s components, materials and drawings. The printer will also support third party resins.

Autodesk also offers a set of open software tools dedicated to 3D printing which include the 123D App Suite and MeshMixer.

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