The Lynn and Arnold Irwin Advanced Perioperative Imaging Lab at Toronto General Hospital recently purchased a Form 2 desktop SLA printer from FormLabs. This printer prints in standard resins, which come in black, white, grey and clear. But then it also supports castable resin, flexible resin, tough resin and dental SG (a biocompatible resin).

The Form2 also comes with it’s own software and boasts auto-mesh repair, auto-generation of supports, auto-orient for optimal print position, rotation, scaling and duplication. Print setup is said to be simple and the software has a layer slicer for path inspection with .STL and .OBJ file input and .FORM file output.

The Form2 is sold as a complete kit and comes with the 3D printer, finishing tray, scarper, pre and post-rinse tubs, rinse basket, squeeze bottle, cutters, tweezers, disposable nitrile gloves, microfiber cloth, removal tool and removal jig.

I’m excited for the wireless connectivity and being able to send digital models to the printer over wifi. The resins all seem to be on back order and it is taking awhile for them to ship. I can’t wait to try printing on this printer!

Check out the printer here and see examples of objects printed with it:

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