Maker Festival Miscellaneous Exhibits

I attended the Maker Festival at the Toronto Reference library on July 9. See the first half of my visit is this previous post. I went to the Maker Festival to check out the 3D printing exhibits but I saw a lot of other interesting projects.

Tcandensero the left is the Candenser 9000. It drew a large crowd who watched it crush cans. Crushing coffee cups produced a loud bang!

Below is a ship that was on display by the Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto. Visit their website to see their other fantastic ships.






humber funeral





cutting tool



Humber Funerary Arts program showcased some of their reconstructive work (above). Rachel Tyli demonstrated Sienci Labs Desktop CNC Milling machine to me. These are some of her creations on the right. She even has a CNC milled business card which was very cool.

Toronto lockpicking




The Open Organization of Lockpickers (ToooL) Toronto Lockpicking offered a hands-on lock picking workshop. Visit their website to find out about their monthly lockpicking meetings.




Makerspaces at the Maker Festival

protolab 2





Protolab is a makerspace where people can make create and innovate. They displayed some wooden skateboards and this guitar/pelvis sculpture.




Site 3Site3 CoLaboratory is a makerspace located in little Italy. They have an open house on Thursday evenings. They also offer events and classes, and teach members new skills. Their website showcases some of their member’s projects.








3D Printing at the Maker Festival

3DP art museums


Makerwiz is 3D printing art from the museums of the world. What a great idea! They are bringing outstanding artistic objects to a larger world audience.




colin daly 3DP




Colin Daly  was showcasing some of his most interesting 3D printing projects which include a 3D printer he designed himself, a robotic hand that is controllable with a real hand and other 3D printed trinkets.





3DP tool


This looks like a really handy tool for cleaning up 3D printed models.
Comment below if you know where I can buy one in Canada!







ord kickstarter


This is officially my favourite thing that I saw at the Maker Festival. The Rova3D 5 Extruder 3D printer that can print all different colours. It is selling for $2860 now. The Rova4D 3D Printer is on Kickstarter and available in 2017 for $4800.  See examples below of objects printed on the Rova3D. The Rova4D is able to melt all different colours together in the extruder head and print any shade of colour, including gradients. See the results in the last photo. I’m definitely going to watch this company and see what they come up with next!

There were many other fascinating things at the Maker Festival. Too many to blog about! I definitely recommend you check it out next year.



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Rova3D 5 Extruder

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